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Hi, I’m Jennifer Reaves. I’m a mom who happens to be a quick reader with kids who are voracious readers. I try to preview all the books my kids read, and I thought it might be helpful to share my thoughts with other parents who care about what their kids are reading.

What My Kids Read

I believe that the stories we experience as children are huge influences on what we deeply believe as adults. Of course, as parents, we all have different standards of what we feel is appropriate for our children, but I think we all agree that we are responsible for what our kids are learning and absorbing during these formative years.

About My Mom-Meter Rating System:

If you are new here, you might be interested in how I rate the chapter books in my reviews. My Mom-Meter safety ratings and Potential Discussion Points posted on Chapter Book Reviews are just my opinions, based on what I want to know about what my kids are reading. The Mom-Meter safety rating are: 1 (Safe), 2 (Moderately Safe), 3 (Caution), and 4 (Extreme Caution). 

Red Flags stand for the level of warning on a particular topic:

Safe  Safe

Moderately Safe  Moderately Safe

Caution  Caution

Extreme Caution  Extreme Caution

I bold any extremely questionable content in each topic.

Of course, my ratings must be considered with the Potential Discussion Points, so please use your own judgement in what you allow your kids to read.

I post once a day, Tuesday through Friday. Family Snapshots are posted every Tuesday, Picture Book Reviews are posted every Wednesday, my husband, David, and I alternate posts on Thursdays (David’s posts are called “What Dad Thinks”), and Chapter Book Reviews are posted every Friday.

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I’m so glad you stopped by – hope you stick around and introduce yourself! :)

About What My Kids Read

A Little More About Us:

David and I both grew up in Huntsville, AL, home of the Space and Rocket Center. I’m a homeschool graduate. David went to the same public school K-12. We both have degrees, but we are not working in our fields of study because we love working as a family. We have four children, ages 10 and under: Liam, Paul, Brontë, and Stella. We are currently homeschooling our kids because it is a good fit with our family’s lifestyle and goals. We run a business on eBay called Wildeflours Denim & Vintage Finds. We love to find ways for the entire family to work together, learn together, and play together.

David and I met in youth group and developed a solid friendship in high school and college, talking about the Lord. Now that we are married with 4 children, you will still find us talking together just as much as we can. We talk about everything from our faith to our family to our business to what we are reading, and we share those conversations right along with our kids. We are a family that believes in talking about what we believe about anything! So, please join in – we would love to hear what you believe. We just ask that you follow the family rule of no personal attacks. If you disagree, you can still say it nicely. Call it old-fashioned, but we don’t stray too far from our Southern roots of sweet tea and civility.

Because we are deeply committed to following Christ, we hope that you and your family are blessed by what we do here on our corner of the internet. Our hope is that the book reviews, parenting posts, and everything else we do here will serve you and your family as you raise your children.

So please make yourself at home while you are here! Pour yourself a cup of tea (iced or hot – we don’t mind) and read one of my thorough chapter book reviews or David’s post on The Art of Masculine Hospitality. We are so glad you stopped by!