The Secret of Strong Families

I had a great conversation with some friends last week about the differences in how we do things. Some of us homeschool, some send their kids to public school or private school. Some of my friends have their babies in the hospital, some *even* with epidurals, maybe induced or having c-sections or maybe a non-complicated delivery.  I have my babies at home, in the water when possible. There’s breastfeeding or bottle-feeding – formula or pumping. Vaccinate or don’t. Cloth diapers vs. disposable diapers. On and on… I guess we were talking about the nefarious “Mommy Wars.” As us moms talked, I was struck by how amazing each family really was. It didn’t matter which one of us had an epidural or co-slept with our toddlers – all of our families are strong and our kids are healthy and happy. And, as my wise friend Arian said, no matter what decisions we make about all of these crazy issues, we all love our kids dearly.

What My Kids Read: The Secret of a Strong Family

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Celebrating Family

Celebrating Family at What My Kids Read

As I mentioned in Tuesday’s post, David and I celebrate our wedding anniversary in a way that is different from everyone else we know. It all started on our first anniversary. I was pregnant with our firstborn, due any day, so travel was out. I’m sure we had a nice dinner out to celebrate, but what was most memorable was that we spent the day hiking around the state park where we were married just a year before. The following year, we had lunch together (my first time without baby Liam, who had been a very demanding baby, but was almost a year old). Slowly, we began to realize that the nice meal together, while we still enjoy it (and try to fit it in every year), it wasn’t nearly as memorable as the adventures we took as a family. As I dug into what made our anniversary so meaningful, I concluded that, for me, it was important because it was the start of our family.

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Dealing with Fears in Pregnancy

Have you ever had one of those days that just needed to end? Have you ever had one of those days turn into a week or a month of days needing to end? That’s how it has been for me lately.

Facing Pregnancy Fears by What My Kids Read

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Walking On Water: Lessons Learned When Pipes Burst

Walking on Water: Lessons Learned When Pipes Burst

Our pipes burst this week, flooding the basement where all of our inventory is kept. At 5am, David came down to water pouring out of light sockets and an inch of water on the floor. Quickly, he ran to shut off the water, but our valve wasn’t working. We would learn later that it was frozen and a piece of ice had lodged in it. But at 5 in the morning, with water pouring from the ceiling, he had to act fast, and he called out for me to help.

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Know Yourself – Find Balance

What My Kids Read: Finding Balance

I’ve mentioned before how much my mom and I love books about French women. We were discussing this quote by Coco Chanel “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Great advice, right? I love simplicity, and it’s hard to beat the stye credibility of Coco Chanel, but it’s actually not a universal rule. (This post isn’t about fashion, I promise, just hang in there for my point!) [Read more…]