Secrets of a Strong Family: How to Delight in your Children

This post is a continuation of our post, The Secret of Strong Families. Today, David and I are sharing a few ways we have learned to delight in our kids. To be honest, this past week was a challenging week of parenting, and these are still the tools we used to regain joy in relating with our children, and building strong family relationships.

What My Kids Read: How to Delight in Your Children

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The Myth of “The Talk” – How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex

I just finished a great discussion with Brontë and boys about prostitution. In school we were looking at gender roles in ancient Sumeria and discussing the impact of the Fall on women and children (see Genesis 3). As to why I’m teaching this material in our little homeschool, I’ll have to leave for another post. But suffice it to say you can’t have a complete discussion of history, especially Mesopotamian mythology, without talking about the dark side. Have you ever read through the Torah (first five books of the Bible) with your kids? Yeah, let’s put it this way…sex comes up a lot, and it is often not pleasant.

What Dad Thinks: How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

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[What Dad Thinks] Reclaiming the Imagination: Raising Kids of Integrity Part 2

Last time, I left you with the question: “But how can we train children to recognize and reject dangerous and unhealthy ideas and images before they inspire?” Remember, we won’t be able to screen everything, but, with care and intention, we may be able to establish values and behavior patterns that are self-regulating. There are many values and behavior patterns we will aim for over the years such as compassion, hard work, good taste, and manners. But, above all, the value of integrity and its corresponding behavior patterns stand out as the primary key to protecting the soul from the dangers of an untamed imagination. Let me explain.

Reclaiming the Imagination What Dad Thinks at What My Kids Read

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[What Dad Thinks] The Wild Imagination: Raising Kids of Integrity Part 1

Let’s face it, we can’t screen everything forever, so how will we be able to trust our kids to make good decisions on the materials they select? There are some whole genres that seem to try to encourage the imagination to think in an unhealthy or skewed way – how can we prepare our kids to make good choices as they are exposed to these troubling themes?

The Wild Imagination What Dad Think at What My Kids Read

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What Dad Thinks: Beware! Floors Come with Ceilings.

Are you in a box? How would you know if you were in a box. What does the inside of a box look like anyway? When people talk about others (it is usually others) being in a box, they usually mean that someone cannot break free of a certain way of thinking. They are unable to see beyond some boundary that appears, at least from the outside, to be largely artificial and of their own making. Conversely, someone who is “outside of the box” seems to be free of some boundary we ourselves are limited by. But what are these boundaries really and why are they there?

Beware: Floors Come With Ceilings - What Dad Thinks at What My Kids Read

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