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This week was full of encouraging moments with friends – which was wonderful! We had a dear friend over one night, and had the breakthrough I mentioned last week. This particular friend is around our parents’ age, and he (and his wife, who was out of town that night) have become like family to us. Their friendship has added a depth to our family, offering the wisdom of mature Christians, perspective from the “other side” of parenting adults, and lots of encouragement and love – and they love to play cards! Needless to say, it’s a beautiful thing.

Meet the family behind What My Kids Read On Wednesday, we had a chance to get to know a some new friends a little better while having dinner at their place and then walking to get some ice cream. Seriously, how fun is that? I never lived in a place where I could walk to anything, so it is the coolest thing to me if I get to walk to do anything but especially ice cream! Anyway, it was really nice to spend some time with this family that recently moved here. Our kids warmed up to their four kids, and everyone was getting along great by the end of the night, and David and I really connected with their story of stepping out in faith to move their family all the way from the state of Washington to here in Kentucky. Those stories never fail to touch my heart – probably because I know first hand how much God treasures those steps of faith. It is such a precious thing. Someday, maybe I will share our story of why we packed up, left all of our family and friends, and moved to a city were we didn’t know a soul – and why we are still here. It’s a good story!

What My Kids Read Family Snapshots And then, we had some very dear friends over on Friday night. They had been staying with us for a few weeks when Stella was born, and I wish they could always live with us – which is saying a lot after being here through the craziness of new baby! Anyway, it was truly a delight to spend time with them and their little one. Talk about another story of faith – this family’s story of going from never wanting children to having babies has brought tears to my eyes more than once!

What My Kids Read Family Snapshots On Saturday, our family pitched in with some other folks and prepared food for the wedding of some friends. It was a fun day, cleaning and chopping and working together. Really a sweet time. Unfortunately, the next day, David and I were hit with a 24 hour stomach bug, and we were both down for the count. So, no partying at the wedding for us. This bug has been slowly making the rounds in our circles of friends, so I guess it was inevitable. It was crazy, though, in 11 years of marriage, David and I have never been sick at the same time. Usually, one of us is recovering or hasn’t gotten it yet, so there’s always an adult to take care of the kids. Not this time! Liam was the first one who felt bad, and he recovered quickly before David and I were hit. So, thankfully, none of the other kids got sick while David and I were running back and forth to the bathroom, but it still wasn’t a very fun day for us.

Meet the family behind What My Kids Read We started working on incorporating the kids into the business more this week. Obviously, they aren’t going to be running it any time soon, but it has been fun to experiment with ways the boys can work alongside us – still trying to figure out what the girls can do with us, though!

So that was our week! How was your week? Make any new friends? Did you participate in a 24 hour stomach bug? I hear it’s what all the cool kids are doing. 😉

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  1. what a week! thanks for sharing!!

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