Family Snapshots

Family Snapshots is a weekly post to give you a glimpse of the family behind What My Kids Read. It’s also a chance for me to document my kids in weekly photos for our family to look back through the year and see how they have changed.

What My Kids Read Family Snapshots

This week flew by! We decided to partner with some friends of ours, and began the process this week of showing them how we have been running different parts of the business, and we are all in a trial period of seeing what works best for all of us. It’s exciting and morale-boosting, but also a busy season of once again figuring out a new routine. I’m still singing the praises of our crockpot in keeping hot and affordable meals on the table, but we are definitely needing a new laundry schedule! I was a fan of FlyLady for years, and the once things I had kept in practice is doing one load of laundry a day. I’ve completely dropped that recently, but I clearly need to get back to it!

David and I have been going to a class with our church, talking about beliefs and the heart. It’s deep stuff, but so good to go through with friends. Definitely takes some soul-searching, and it is stirring up some stuff (as you might have picked up in my post on Thursday), but I can also see freedom and health in neglected places. Tough, but so good to deal with.

What My Kids Read Family Snapshots

Last Tuesday, I was able to take some time to get a massage from one of our sponsors, Anointed Touch Massage. It was exactly what was needed after all the typing and sitting I do between the business and this blog. So heavenly! If you are in our area, you should really schedule an appointment with Tiffany. She’s fantastic!

We had our weekly playdate with our friends, and made caramel apples for snacktime. My friend, Kristal, being the fun, creative mom she is, came up with the perfect snack for fall: apples dipped in caramel and sprinkles. The kids were in heaven. And I may have had more than a serving of caramel – so good! On Thursday, David joined a group of friends for an epic night of Scotch tasting at our friends’ home. He came home talking about the differences between Scotch and whiskey, spiritual analogies, and thinking of friends back home that would have loved to be there (both for the Scotch and the theology). It sounds like it was a truly educational and unforgettable experience.

What My Kids Read Family Snapshots

On Friday, we got to have dinner with some very sweet friends, Dave and Laura. They were gracious enough to host our family for dinner, and we had a great time drinking hot tea and catching up on each other’s lives. They have two small boys, and our kids had a great time playing with them (and with their toys!). It was really a precious evening. Sunday nights, we have been meeting with several families for a couple of weeks, each week gathering to hear what one individual family is going through this season and praying for them. It’s been really good to get past the surface conversations and to see how much we are all going through similar things. Super encouraging!

What My Kids Read Family Snapshots

Other than that, we’ve spent our time building up inventory for our business, Wildeflours Denim & Vintage Finds, and figuring out a new system. David has decided to move furniture around (it happens every couple of months), which any of our friends up here means that the Reaves will have another creative, functional solution to our small home. If I had been thinking, I would have snapped some photos for a before and after. Seriously, David is a genius at arranging small spaces. I like to think that I’ve watched enough HGTV to arrange a nice living space, but David is amazing. We have moved all of our bedrooms into almost every space in our 3 bedroom house, and every configuration has worked for the season we used it that way. We make a good team – I choose paint colors when it’s time to paint and try to edit knick knacks, and David manages the furniture placement. Maybe when the dust settles (literally – and when I actually dust again!), I’ll post a little tour of our home.

How was your week? Have any laundry tips for me? Rearranging furniture?




  1. Scotch tasting AND theology?! If only it could have been postponed one more month. :) *sigh*

  2. I’m glad to know there’s another guy out there who enjoys arranging furniture. I’ve given up on HGTV, though – it used to be all about fascinating people with interesting, unique homes homes. Now it’s all about conforming your home to the latest “high end generic” trends the design world wants to sell. When they invented the phrase “too taste specific” as a way of criticizing those who deviate from the norm, I quit watching. Somehow I have the feeling that your home is more of the non-conforming variety!

  3. Steve, we are definitely in the “non-conforming” group on many areas – interior design included! :)

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