Family Snapshots

The first snow of the season happened last week for us. It’s always such a magical moment to look out and realize that everything is being dusted in white. I especially love it when I’m up before the kids so that I can soak in the calm before the explosion of excitement and snowsuits, scarves, and mittens – although that explosion has its own special magic too. (and yes, it was only a dusting, but my kids wore their snowsuits. I’m from Alabama, and I hate being cold, so I keep my kids warm!) We had our weekly playdate that day, so everyone shared in the snowy excitement.

What My Kids Read Family Snapshots As usual, we spent most of our time working on our eBay business. Our friends that were considering partnering with us decided it wasn’t the right season for their family, so we have been reorganizing our routine yet again. Speaking of routine, I’ve spent some time this week rethinking priorities. I may talk about this more later in the week, but I realized last week that I was pushing myself too hard out of pride. I’m still working hard, but this week I was convicted that all of my success comes from the Lord, and all I have to do is obey Him. So, one part of obeying for me personally is to commit to take a day of rest every week, a Sabbath. Our family has done that loosely for about 5 years until this summer. Suddenly, between the two to three businesses we’ve been juggling, an actual day of rest has not really happened. And, I know that God made the Sabbath for man, it is not a burden, but it is a blessing, and truly resting from work is a very hard discipline for me. As a homemaker, a mom, a business owner, and a blogger, my work is actually never done. There are always tasks waiting for me to get to, and I can always work ahead or take more time on something – and my weakness is to keep going until I have a meltdown. Not a great way to live. Anyway, the other practical step in obedience for me is that I will only be posting on the blog 4 days a week now. I have been posting two chapter book reviews a week, and that just takes too much time every week during this season of getting our eBay business fully running, so I will be posting one chapter book review a week. All of the other posts will continue as they have been.

What My Kids Read Family Snapshots

This week, I got to participate for the first time ever in a giveaway, promoting a devotion series based on the Torah. Someone else organized it, so it has been great to learn the ropes from a pro. The Devotions from the Torah Giveaway is going on through the end of the month, so click on that link and enter! You could win a lot of great stuff! I’ll be posting a review of the first book, Devotions from Genesis, soon.

What My Kids Read Family Snapshots

On Friday, I got to meet with a new friend, Amber, who has been a professional blogger for a few years. She recently moved to the area, and has already been God’s gift to me in giving me advice and practical help, not to mention I have a feeling we will be very good friends. Notice my new navigation bar at the top of the header? Yep, I’ve been trying to figure that out for months, and she fixed in in 5 minutes. I know that the Lord moved her and her family here for bigger reasons than just me, but the timing of this friendship has been perfect for me. So grateful for her!

What My Kids Read Family Snapshots

On Saturday, we met with our dear friends, David and Jenifer. Yep, we have practically the same names. They are older than we are, with kids a little younger than us, but they have grown to be like family and we LOVE spending time with them. They love on our kids in such a real way that they would have won this mama’s heart even if we hadn’t clicked as friends. But since we did, it is just pure joy to spend time with them and our kids love seeing them. We always play cards, girls vs. guys. This week they taught us a new card game called Golf, which is a new favorite.

What My Kids Read Family Snapshots

Sunday night, we had a  big storm blow through the area. It didn’t touch our house, but it did blow the roof off of a couple businesses in a strip mall we frequent. We stayed nice a cozy in our basement, playing a board game together. So very grateful for the Lord’s protection!

Aaannndd, I am barely able to keep my mouth shut about a Christmas giveaway I have coming up! I have contacted several businesses that I love, and they have agreed to give some of their amazing products one lucky reader! Seriously, I am so very excited about every single thing in the giveaway! It is going to be so much fun! Stay tuned to find out more – I’m sure I won’t be able to keep my big mouth shut for much longer! Ack! :)

What My Kids Read Family Snapshots

And that’s about it for this week. What have you been up to? Did you get any snow this week? Learn a new game? Realize that you can’t do it all on your own – or is that just me? Did you enter the Devotions from the Torah giveaway?  Hope you stayed safe through the storm that hit the Midwest! I’d love to hear about whatever has been going on! Comment away, and I promise I will do better about responding!




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