Family Snapshots

We kicked off this week with a quiet New Year’s Eve celebration at home. I made sausage balls and we had a waffle bar with syrup, whipped cream, and lots of berries. Mimosas for the adults and orange juice for the kids (we don’t often have juice, so it’s a big treat around here). My cousin stopped by with his wife and baby. This sounds totally casual, but they live over 500 miles away and just happened to be driving by on their way home from visiting family. It was so very wonderful to see them! Their little girl was born right after we had stayed at their house over 6 moths ago, and this was our first time getting to meet her. Brontë was in love. When the parents were out of the room for a moment, Brontë whispered to me, “Mom, let’s babysit until they get back!” We had a few moments playing with the baby before everyone came back into the room. Brontë then leaned over and said very solemnly, “We’re done babysitting now, Mom.” It was sweet, and truly the highlight of her week. We were sorry to see them go after only a few hours, but it was really wonderful to have that time with them.

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

New Year’s Day, I came down with a really bad cold that knocked me out until Sunday. David was wonderful, pitching in to help with the house, kids, and taking care of me. I must confess, I was a very cranky invalid this time – not being able to take any medicine for a cold and still battling morning sickness was too much for my attitude. So, David really truly was a saint this week – he was patient with me and even kept up with the laundry!

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

We’ve had a lot of snow this winter, and this week was no exception. While I was sick, David took the kids out sledding one day, and Liam had an epic crash that was so amazing, he said “This was the best day of my life since laser tag!” Praise indeed! :)

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

By Sunday, I was ready to leave the house. We had planned to go enjoy the indoor exhibits at the zoo, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. We ended up having an impromptu visit with our dear friends, David and Jenifer. There was lots of card playing involved, chicken watching, and some much-needed prayer. All in all, just the pick-me-up I needed after almost a week of sickness.  What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

Monday was Epiphany (which we did not do anything to observe this year) and the day to get down to business with our eBay store. We have some big goals for this year, and the whole family is pretty excited to tackle it (except Stella, she seems pretty lukewarm about the whole thing).

How was your week? Have a nice New Year’s Eve? Pick up a babysitting gig? :) Hope you were able to avoid sickness!


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