Family Snapshots

We had lots more snow and ice this week, and we were iced in for a few days – thankfully our business and schooling is all at home these days, so it was less of a hinderance than it would have been for most. Our neighbors were out with picks and shovels, everyone chipping away at their driveways and tires. It was quite the ordeal for our little neighborhood. David and the boys managed to free our vehicle in time for a much needed grocery store trip. Let’s just say, we were on our last roll of toilet paper – that’s how very needed this trip was!

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

With morning sickness past, I’ve moved into a little more cooking. I love to make things in the kitchen, so it has been refreshing to be able to handle the smells again.  I’ve started needing a nap, though, making time an extra precious commodity, so it’s still a treat to make time to cook up a storm.

Our contractor started work on the basement on Friday! The hope is that we will be able to move the business back into the basement this coming weekend! *fingers crossed* Since the basement was already in disarray, we decided to go ahead and organize our storage areas behind the finished part. Thankfully, none of it was damaged when the pipes burst, so we sorted and decluttered, and the kids rediscovered toys I had stored away just to see if they would be missed (most weren’t). After going through those toys again, we were able to fill a couple garbage bags with toys to give away. Whew! That was refreshing for me because clutter quickly accumulates with 4 kids in one room. (We have another bedroom, but we choose to keep them together for now.) For the most part, they all love being close – and there is nothing like hearing all four kids whispering at night as they go to sleep. It’s so funny and sweet! But the mess can be really frustrating for the boys (and us parents!). So, decluttering is crucial, and was overdue. I really should go through everything one more time, but I don’t know when I will have the time and anyway it’s much better than it was.

On Saturday, we received an anonymous gift card for groceries! It was such a timely blessing – coming at just the right time to boost morale and remind us that the Lord does indeed take care of us. We’ve learned that even when we had the “security” of a regular job, the Lord is truly the only one who provides for us. That truth is all the more tangible now in the midst of getting our own business off the ground. And it is humbling and encouraging to know that we are surrounded by friends and family that are sensitive to the Lord and know how to bless us.

Sunday was a day of rest, reading, and board games. We did walk over to send off our friend, Ellie, who is heading off on a great adventure this week. I know I talked about it last week, but it is so very exciting to see how the Lord is clearly leading her into some big goals!

How was your week? Cooking up a storm or decluttering? Had an unexpected blessing? I’d love to hear about it!


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