Family Snapshots

Sorry for the break in posting last week. We needed to take the time to get our house back in order. We painted walls and ceilings in three rooms (plus the stairs), caulked up holes, and eagerly waited to the contractor to finish up his last touched before painting over those spots again. It’s not completely settled (still have some rearranging to do in a few rooms – which is truly therapeutic for David, so he’s actually looking forward to it), but we are back to regular routines, and it is so very nice to be using our dining room for meals again!

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

David’s parents came up last weekend to celebrate Paul’s birthday (which happened earlier in the month) and to help us with the big push to move the business back to the basement. It was really nice to have the extra hands (and backs!) for lifting and moving all the shelves and inventory, and it is always lovely to spend time with them.

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

This past Sunday, our church community started a monthly meal/meeting as a big group. The history behind that sentence is hard for me to sum up for those who are not familiar with our life. When we moved here, we stumbled* across a group of believers that met in a home in our small town. They were passionate about making disciples of Jesus and living life together as the Body of Christ. We met together weekly for several years, but the group was large, and it was a lot of work for any family to host so many of us week after week. For the last few years, we broke up the big group and everyone was responsible to meet with other believers in their own homes. This was a challenge for many, and we’ve had lots more folks join our network of believers since then, so it was time to try to reconnect everyone. So, we are now all meeting once a month to eat and fellowship together, and to make sure that everyone knows about whatever gatherings, prayer times, meals, or teachings are happening in the community. It’s exciting to be meeting as a big group again, and really refreshing to reconnect with some families and friends that we haven’t seen regularly in a while. *We literally stumbled across a video they had posted on YouTube, and that’s how we found them – although the group is not called Koine anymore, and everything is a little different from that video.

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

As we settled things and reorganized all of our inventory, we also prepared our guest room and basement bathroom for our new housemate. Tiffany has moved in to live with us for at least the next few months! Her roommate, Ellie (who is a sweet friend of ours as well) had to leave quickly in order to start a program learning about being a missionary midwife (you can learn more from her video here, and please donate if you want to – she’s a gem, and this has clearly been led by the Lord!). David and I both were surprised to feel like the Lord was prompting us to offer to share our limited space with Tiffany. We have shared our home with others several times in the past, but we are clearly in a very busy season, so it was unexpected that even one of us would think to suggest Tiffany should move in (not to mention, we both brought it up almost at the same moment!). The more we thought and prayed about it, the more it seemed like the next step, so we offered the space to Tiffany, and she was excited to move in. She has had a heart for serving our family for a while now (she came over and cleaned our house just to bless us many times this past summer and fall), and she is eager to pitch in and help us during this intense season of juggling the beginning of a business, blogging, and family life. It has been a very smooth transition into co-housing again, and she has already brought more peace and order in our home (and she has taken over our laundry – which is an automatic stress-reduction for me right now!).

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

We are back to full-production, so to speak, with the business, and homeschooling is much easier back in our normal spot. All in all, we are in a good spot, still working hard and living from moment-to-moment with the business, but very optimistic and excited about all of the changes and very happy to be in a warm, dry, freshly painted home! :)

So how was your week? Enjoying this winter weather? Frankly, I’m missing the sun today, but the boys are still thrilled to be sledding.



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