Family Snapshots

This was a challenging week! It felt like, no matter what we were doing, we were running through Jello to get it done. But we still worked hard, had good conversations, and managed to make it through the week! We had to replace the battery in the family vehicle this week – yet another expense and minor distraction in the midst of everything, but at least it was just a battery (and the battery cable-thing) and not a major repair.

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

I had a midwife appointment last week. The baby is healthy and active, and everything is going well – except I need to be drinking more water (story of my life with every pregnancy). I’ve tried complicated water bottle counting systems, checklists, a fun new water bottle to keep it interesting, even an app to track my water consumption, but it has been a challenge every pregnancy to drink enough water (we’re talking 12 cups a day). I don’t drink sodas (just a cup of coffee or tea), and I do like water – just have a hard time remembering to drink so much of it! Any veteran moms have some advice? This week, I picked up some mint and lemons to flavor water (just to spur my interest in something different), and I measured out a day’s worth of water in a pitcher. The goal is to finish off the pitcher every day. We’ll see if I can keep that up. *fingers crossed*

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

David and the girls came along to my appointment and got to hear the baby’s heartbeat, which was very fun! Brontë had been at my last appointment, so she heard the baby’s heartbeat then. She said the baby sounded like a horse running underwater – which is a pretty good description. :) Stella was excited to hear the baby this time, but I think it was a little disappointing for her to realize it was just a sound to listen to. As always, it was so reassuring for me to hear the heartbeat, although the more regular kicks are keeping me from worrying as much these days.

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

Stella has been in such a delightful stage lately! Her chatter-box turned on this week, and she would not stop talking! Whatever she had to say, she would keep saying it over and over, until she had our undivided attention and got an appropriate response. Considering the fact that she doesn’t quite enunciate her words, it was a challenge, but so very cute to see her growing in communication. And once we figured out what she was saying, her face would break out into a huge smile of triumph. If you’re curious, her stuffed elephant, Mary, was a baby owl for the day, and Stella was to be referred to as Mama Owl for the day, and they were flying. Also, Stella would literally only answer to Mama Owl for the whole day. I blame Owl Moon on the owl obsession. It was so fun to see that even at two years old, Stella was picking up things that we read and talk about.

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

We had some Spring weather this week! After such a cold winter, the boys were ready to jump right into summer activities. They were filling up water guns for a fight, when I reminded them that, even though it was warm in the sun, it wasn’t quite that warm. I guess I should specify that these are Super-Soaker water guns, the kind that leave your target soaking wet – not a pleasant experience even with temps in the low 60’s! 😉 They modified the plan, and took on other targets – just happy to play in the sunshine again.

The business is still going well, just needs lots of man-hours and attention. Like I said it was a week of slow moving in all areas, which was frustrating, but we kept going. Once again, several friends of ours had to face really hard things this week – more hard things for some and new hard things for others. It’s been a really tough season, spiritually and emotionally. Our family is in a very challenging (and fulfilling) season with all of the work, but we care deeply for our friends up here, so it’s been tough to cry through and pray through things without being able to “do” tangible things. One of my very closest friends has been in the hospital for most of this year, and it has been a horribly challenging time for her, but it’s also been a gut-wrenching time for me as I try to balance what I want to do with what I can actually handle in this season. And there are more dear friends going through equally hard times right now. Although I deeply believe that prayer is the best way to help (the Lord is truly to only one who can bring real help), the fact is that I don’t feel helpful unless I’m doing something practical. Recognizing the pride lurking behind that fact has been healthy for me, but it still leaves me trying to walk the line of still expressing care to those we love without feeling guilty that I cannot offer all that I would honestly feel proud to offer. Here’s to learning how to walk in grace and faith while walking through hardships with friends!

How was your week? Got any tips for increasing water consumption? Anyone else have kids itching for water gun fights already? Have you ever juggled the careful balance of supporting friends when your own life is very full? If you’ve got any tips, please share with me in the comments!


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