Family Snapshots

Things are moving along over here! Spring has turned everything outside so very green! My lilac bush has finally started to bloom, and scent is heavenly! We’ve been trying out different ways to streamline the business, still honing in on the best system for our family to work together.
What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots
Brontë’s reading has been improving every week, and she decided to start copying sentences from a coloring book this week. I was surprised to see that her handwriting is very neat – a rarity in this house! I love it when my kids start grasping the concept of reading enough to start picking out words they see when they are not sitting down to “officially” read. That switch is just now clicking with Brontë, and it is once again a delight to be present as that happens!

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

We managed to fit in a playdate with our dear friends, the Varelas, this week. It was a great morale booster in the middle of lots of work! The kids had a great time, as always, and I finally got to spent some quality time cuddling their baby girl while catching up with Kristal.

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

The boys decided to spend some of their earnings on a new Wii game this weekend. It was good to see them work together to agree on a new game, but it’s also been a time of renegotiating their management of screen time.

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

I just started the third trimester of this pregnancy! It seems like time has flown by this time around! The baby is still in a very active season, which is a little more uncomfortable for me as there is less space, but it’s finally easier for the children to see and feel the little kicks.

I decided this weekend that decluttering and organizing the children’s and my wardrobes was top priority (even though there were plenty of other previous plans and priorities!). It seems a little early to have such strong nesting instincts, but it was clear to David that he needed to give me the space and time to plow through the clothes. I can laugh about my mixed up priorities, but it also is very freeing to have the clothing streamlined and organized! I created capsule wardrobes for us, which meant being ruthless and very intentional about every piece of clothing going with everything else. I’m still working through the bins of clothing that I had stored away, but as long as I keep this ruthless attitude, I’ll be through it all in no time! :)

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

David and I managed to squeeze in a spontaneous date this weekend. We seized the opportunity of beautiful weather to dine outside while not talking about the business or the kids. It was the perfect little break for us!

How was your week? After the harsh winter, this Spring seems especially beautiful. Has everything turned green and started blooming where you are? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!



  1. You look lovely! What an exciting time for your family. =)

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