Family Snapshots

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

Our new camera arrived this week! We are still figuring out the different settings, but it was good to be able to get back to photographing and listing inventory! The replacement parts for our dishwasher arrived as well, so we now have a fully functioning dishwasher again! Whew! :) But, almost as soon as things were getting back to normal, the boys accidentally broke a ceiling fan light fixture as they were preparing a surprise for us. Looks like we’ve got one more repair project to add to David’s list… :)

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

We had a lot of intense parenting moments this week. It seemed to be a challenging week for each of us to keep a good attitude. So, David and I spent an extra amount of time this week with our kids, setting aside time for one-on-one conversations and lots of prayer. The week ended on a good note, but it was not an easy week for our family.

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

We did manage to squeeze in a couple times with friends this week. I slipped away for a few hours to spend time with our dear friend, Wendi. The boys got to go to a cello concert with their friends, and the girls even had some friends over for a playdate. We also got to celebrate with a friend who just got her Master’s degree – with delicious BBQ and live music no less! It was nice to break away from the business and repairs for a few hours.

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

David and I have started seriously discussing baby names. We’ve got a little less than 2 months before the baby arrives, so we started our list of potential name combinations. I think we’ve narrowed it down to around 10 boy names and 10 girl names. We’ll see if it gets whittled down anymore before we see this little one and decide what he or she looks like. Funny story: when Paul was born, we had a list of names, but we had not narrowed down our list enough, so it took us a few days to decide on his name. In the meantime, we called him what Liam (who was almost 3 at the time) had called him throughout my pregnancy: “Blackberry Patch, or Blackberry P. for short.” :) I’m sure Paul is grateful we didn’t name him Blackberry, but it definitely motivated me to have a definite (and short) list of names! So, here’s hoping we cut that list down a little bit more before this baby decides to arrive!

How was your week? Do you have any special way you decided what to name your kids? I would love to hear about it in the comments!



  1. Bravo to you for including a cello concert in your sons’ week. How cool is that? I’m so tired of the false stereotype that boys won’t do that sort of thing, the arts are so necessary for a well-rounded life.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Steve! Liam has always loved the cello, and his friend is now learning to play, so it’s been a nice opportunity to support that interest and the friendship. And I agree that the arts are definitely a necessity! :)

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