Family Snapshots

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

Once again, this was a full week of working on the business. We had a couple days of boosting inventory, which translates into lots of days processing all the new inventory and getting it all photographed and listed. Lots of work, but it feels good to be getting closer to our before-the-baby-arrives goal. The boys really stepped up this week and pitched in, which made the work so much easier. It was amazing how much we could accomplish when they were not just present, but also focused as a team on what we were trying to accomplish. It was an exciting realization for all of us – a glimpse of how good this really could be. It didn’t last through the whole week, but it was enough to inspire us to keep encouraging each other to work as a team.

We did take a break from work long enough to catch some hugs with several friends over the weekend. The weather was beautiful, and it was refreshing to get out in the mild sunshine! We stopped by a park to see some sweet out-of-town friends and to snuggle their new baby, got to visit a bit with our dear friend Wendi, and had a coffee date with a friend we hadn’t seen in a while. David and I even managed a mini-date on Sunday. We just grabbed drinks and wandered through a store that recently opened near us, but it was fun to actually browse through a store and have a complete conversation without one interruption.

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots Speaking of conversations, earlier this week, Stella came to me and asked if she could have a “conva-say-shun” with me. It was the cutest thing, and I wish I had videotaped it because I have no idea what she said after that. It was a bunch of grow-up words strung together, but every so often she would look at me if I didn’t seem to be paying attention, and remind me “Mom, we are having a conva-say-shun!” I guess I’ve asked her not to interrupt when I am having a conversation with someone, so this was her way of getting my undivided attention. :)

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

David and I have been getting into the Dr. Who television series over the last few weeks, and we recently let the boys start watching them. I’m not wholeheartedly recommending the show for all families (there are things that some families might find offensive), but there are themes of sacrifice and choosing mercy over revenge – messages we really want to sink into these particular little ones’ hearts. It’s been fun to talk about the episodes, hotly debate the likelihood of time travel, and bring in the questions about morality and the abuse of power. We aren’t very far into the series yet. David and I are watching episodes ahead of the boys so that we know what is coming, but it’s been a good experience for our family so far.

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

I’m 34 weeks along in this pregnancy now. In around 6 weeks, we will have a new little person in our midst! As the time gets closer, I am getting more and more tired and easily distracted from my tasks. It happens with every pregnancy, but it’s always a funny surprise when I realize I’m in that mode again. So, I’m slowing down my pace and planning to get a massage this week. Local folks, I’m serious: Tiffany at Anointed Touch Massage is truly a miracle worker and very affordable! I’ve never been someone to get massages, but it has truly been a blessing this pregnancy! Check out her website and set up an appointment – you will feel so much better!

So that was our week. How have you been? Any funny “conva-say-shuns” with your little ones? Any Dr. Who fans out there? We’d love to hear about it!



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