Family Snapshots

This week had some crazy moments! The streak of beautiful weather lasted all week, and it was amazing to sit outside comfortably in July! The kids played outside, and we fit in another picnic before the normal hot weather returned.

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

I have had two nights that seemed like the baby might be coming, but then contractions would fade to nothing. Poor David is on alert, though, and every time I get up in the night to visit the bathroom, he jumps up ready to time contractions. :) The kids run to our room every morning to see if the baby arrived in the night. All of this, and my due date was just this Sunday. We might have a couple more weeks or it might be tonight. Such a strange time of being ready and on alert, but also staying patient and relaxed. The baby will come out when he or she is ready, and I am confident that will happen at the right time. Until then, we will have some funny stories, and enjoy the anticipation.

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

We had our most disgusting parenting moment ever this week. I will warn you, if you are squeamish, this story is pretty gross. We’ve had our share of dirty diaper tragedies and horrible vomiting episodes, but this definitely tops them all. Stella had developed a runny nose a few weeks ago. What was odd about it was that it was only running on one nostril. I figured it was a summer cold and gave her things to boost her immunity, but it didn’t clear up. Someone suggested that it might be teething, so I gave it a few days of watching her teeth, but the one nostril kept running. I decided to go back to treating it like a cold and gave her some nasal spray for a couple days, but it still wasn’t clearing up. During that time, I noticed that the mucus was smelling terrible. Just when we had decided that we needed to take Stella to the doctor, I decided to google “toddler runny nostril with stinky snot” (I know, great search – ha!), and I discovered that most of the time the one nostril running is an indication that the toddler had shoved something up there – especially if the mucus was stinking. The solution was to perform a “mother’s kiss” where you close the clear nostril, cover the toddler’s mouth with your mouth and blow to clear the blocked nostril. This is where it becomes the most disgusting parenting moment ever. When I tried the “mother’s kiss” on Stella, it dislodged things, but didn’t clear the nostril completely. After a few more tries, it was clear that something was blocking it too much for me to blow it out (also, Stella hated it after the first try). We then had to resort to tweezers, but David finally pulled out a small hair elastic that she had apparently shoved up there. As soon as we pulled it out, the runny nose stopped completely and she has been fine ever since. David and I are a little traumatized, but we’ll get over it. 😉

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

With the lovely weather, the boys have been out exploring more. Even though they have a great treehouse that they built with David last year, they decided to build a “fort.” It kept them very busy for several days until the hot weather returned. I’m sure they will get back to it this fall, but they had a blast for a few days this week as they created their own space.

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

Of course, there was more “nesting.” This week, we organized a closet into a playroom for the kids, organized the freezer, and did all sorts of random cleaning. The kids have had a great time in their new play space and, so far, my freezer has stayed straight. :)

So, how was your week? Any disgusting parenting moments to share??? :)



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