Family Snapshots

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

Most of our week has been expecting the baby to arrive any time, but he or she hasn’t yet. We had several promising starts, but nothing progressed to labor. As we waited, we all worked on the business and I spent quite a bit of time resting. Every morning, the children eagerly ask if we had the baby the night before, and every morning we tell them we have to wait a little longer. I had my midwife appointment and everything checks out fine. Baby is still healthy and apparently very happy to stay in there for now. Brontë loves to be at my midwife appointments. All of the children like to hear the baby’s heartbeat, but Brontë especially wants to hear it every time, and is very interested in everything the midwives do.

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

I had a massage this week from Tiffany of Anointed Touch Massage (who also lives with us), and it really helped boost my morale. I was getting very tired and sore from the toning contractions I’ve had this week, and a massage was just what was needed! If you’re local, Tiffany is really good – and I’m not saying it because she lives with us. She’s really very good!

I also gathered materials for a little project, so I have something to work on while we practice patience. :) We have a built-in cabinet with a glass door in our dining room, and I use it as a small china cabinet. From the day we moved in, I wanted to change the white background to show off our dishes, but it was put off for various reasons. I finally picked up some fabric (burlap, actually), and I’ve got plans to spruce up that corner of our dining room. We’ve found that it really helps for me to have small tasks to do in these days of waiting – nothing too tasking on the brain (thus, no book reviews yet), usually something that I’ve wanted to get around to but haven’t made the time. With Brontë, I sewed receiving blankets, and I painted a dresser before Stella arrived. Truth be told, the dresser was a bit ambitious for that time, but I finished it. :)

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

Stella has been acting more mature lately. I think she’s looking older, taller, but she’s also wanting to potty train. She has started enunciating her words clearer than before and using a larger vocabulary. Suddenly, she’s not quite our baby girl anymore! I guess it’s just in time anyway, but it seemed like a very abrupt change this week. She’s still our cuddly little girl, though – and I was very grateful this morning that she still crawled into our bed to say good morning and cuddle up with her mama. At least she hasn’t outgrown that yet!

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

We had an amazing story of God’s provision unfold right in our community this week. Some friends of ours had connected with several families in Lagos, Nigeria. One of those families had a son who developed Erb’s Palsy when he was born, and needed a complicated operation that only Cincinnati Children’s Hospital could perform. There were many crazy details that could seem like “coincidence” that led the family to miraculously arrive in the States, staying with our friends. They brought all the money they could for the surgery, expecting to only be able to have a consultation to learn the extent of his injury, but the hospital would not even see them without all of the money for the surgery paid in full ($50,000). The hospital required the money immediately, and this family did not have anything close to that. Our friends contacted the groups of believers, and asked for prayer and to give if we felt inclined. If you are friends with me on Facebook, you probably saw me share the video they quickly made to explain the urgent need. We all shared the video and tried to spread the word quickly. Our group is not rich, but the Lord provided $48,000 in a 48 hour period and the hospital operated on little Luke! His injuries were worse that expected, and it will be some time before he fully recovers from surgery, but it was amazing to see how the Lord moved on people’s hearts, and how a seemingly impossible amount of money was raised quickly. We had our monthly meal together on Sunday night, and got to meet Luke and his parents and hear the story from them. It was truly a miracle of God providing for this family – and I cannot tell you how very amazing it was to see it happen right in our midst!

So that was our week. How was your week? Did you get started on any little projects you’ve been putting off? Do you have a story of a miracle you’d like to share? I would really love to hear about it!


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