Family Snapshots

Thank you for your patience with my haitus from blogging! For those who missed the announcement on Facebook, our little Hazel finally arrived 2 weeks ago. I had almost 3 weeks of pesky pre-labor contractions that kept me very tired and sore (related to a fibroid we had checked out earlier). Once labor finally started in earnest, the home birth went quickly, and both mama and baby are doing very well.

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

We have had our hands full, adjusting to life with a newborn again. It’s a sweet, short season when they are so very tiny, and Hazel is a delight! Posting will be sporadic for the next month or so, but I managed to snap a few photos that I thought I would share with my faithful readers. :)

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

The girls have been thrilled to gain another sister. Brontë was especially excited to finally have more girls than boys in the family. Both girls are eager to take care of Hazel, so I’ve had to keep a sharp eye on them. I can only reassure myself that newborns are sturdier than they seem. :) Just kidding – they have been very gentle!

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

Our parents and most of my siblings came up to meet Hazel in that first week. It was wonderful to see everyone, and they all pitched in to help us out. David’s parents and grandmother took the boys back to Alabama for their annual trip full of swimming and shenanigans with grandparents. We missed Liam and Paul tremendously that week! Even though we had less children to keep track of, losing our oldest two meant less help. And we all had moments where we wished the boys were here to share in a laugh or to see something with us. I love that our kids have the chance to spend in-depth time building relationships with our families even though we live far away, but it sure it hard to say goodbye even for a week! They came back looking taller, more tan, and possibly a little older than when they left. It’s probably partly postpartum hormones, but I feel like I can see Liam growing out of the little boy he has been, and slowly (yet also suddenly) turning into the young man he will be. Makes me want to hold them closer than ever and quickly tell them everything I forgot to say (or didn’t know how to say) when we were all younger.

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

Hazel has already surpassed the weight gain milestones, and already looks much chubbier! She was born with a severe lip tie and a more minor tongue tie, so we are planning to meet with a specialist to get that corrected soon. Even with those impediments, she is nursing like a pro and clearly thriving. It goes without saying, but she is beautiful and we are all very much in love. :)

What My Kids Read: Family Snapshots

How have you been, dear readers? I hope all is well! Does anyone have experience with lip ties or tongue ties? I’m just discovering that all my kids have both in varying degrees, and now I’m questioning if we need to do something about the older 4 as well.  If anyone has insight, I’d love to hear about it before shelling out $50 per child for a consult visit!



  1. Hey, I’d forgotten all about the book reviews. Sometime back I started visiting your site every day just to get the baby updates. What a wonderful family picture of the seven of you. Congratulations, you have been richly blessed with your beautiful children. Hazel’s pictures convey both joy and contentment; she is as blessed to be a part of your home as you are to have her.

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