Goran’s Great Escape by Astrid Lindgren Picture Book Review

Goran's Great Escape by Astrid Lindgren Picture Book Review

While we were in Lexington, we stopped by their beautiful library for a couple hours. As we were browsing the children’s books, I was excited to find a picture book by Astrid Lindgren. If her name doesn’t ring a bell, her most famous work should. She wrote Pippi Longstocking! (I have reviews of her books here and here.) Naturally, we had to drop everything to read that book, and figured we might as well do a quick video review right there in the library.

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Goran’s Great Escape is a fun story about a bull named Goran that has a bad day on Easter Sunday. He runs out the kind farmhand that takes care of him, and he won’t let anyone cross the barnyard. Soon the farmer and his family (all in their Sunday best), the servants and farmhands, and all of the village have gathered to try to figure out the problem.

Goran's Great Escape by Astrid Lindgren Picture Book Review

The farmer tries to go in, but the bull quickly chases him out. There is talk of using a long pole to catch his nose ring or maybe just shooting him if he won’t calm down. Meanwhile, the situation is becoming serious, since the cows have not had their midday milking.

Goran's Great Escape by Astrid Lindgren Picture Book Review

Finally, a small boy named Karl begins calling softly to Goran, telling the bull that he will rub between his horns if he will come over. The bull reluctantly trots over to the boy, and enjoys getting his head rubbed. Karl then grabs Goran’s nose ring, and leads the bull back to the barn. The crowd that had gathered all cheered for the “Swedish bullfighter” and rewarded him with 2 coins and a dozen eggs.

Goran's Great Escape by Astrid Lindgren Picture Book Review

I love the illustrations in this book! I had never heard of Marit Tornqvist, but I’m now a fan! When looking up her work on Amazon, I noticed that this book was first released as The Day Adam Got Mad with the same illustrations. When I reviewed Pippi Longstocking, I noticed that there are several different translations, and I guess that was another translation of this story. Anyway, if you run across The Day Adam Got Mad at a used bookstore, pick it up! It’s a cute story!

Here is Brontë’s quick review of Goran’s Great Escape we filmed in Lexington’s Public Library:

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Goran’s Great Escape
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