I Had A Favorite Dress by Boni Ashburn Picture Book Review

I Had A Favorite Dress by Boni Ashburn

I Had A Favorite Dress recently appeared in our home after my mom decided our girls would enjoy it. She has great taste in picture books, doesn’t she? I think most of our favorite books are ones she has found – she would be a great children’s librarian!

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I Had a Favorite Dress is a very cute picture book! The girls mostly love this book for the illustrations, but the text is fun too. It’s about a girl who has a favorite dress that she wear every Tuesday.

I Had A Favorite Dress by Boni Ashburn She outgrows the dress, and with a “snip, snip, sew, sew,” her resourceful mother makes the dress into a shirt. The shirt is, of course, her favorite shirt, and she wears it every Wednesday until the sleeves are too tight.

I Had A Favorite Dress by Boni Ashburn Once again, with a “snip, snip, sew, sew,” the mom turns the shirt into a tank top that is worn every Thursday.

I Had A Favorite Dress by Boni Ashburn The story continues as you can imagine with the dress becoming, among other things, a scarf and a hair bow before finally ending up as an art collage. I Had A Favorite Dress is a fun book to read out loud with your kids, but it would also be a good book to branch into reading, since the repetitive text helps beginning readers gain confidence. It also reinforces the days of the week, so it might be a fun idea to throw in the mix if you have a little one working on learning the days of the week. It’s also a great way to highlight recycling clothes. All in all, I Had A Favorite Dress is an adorable book!


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I Had a Favorite Dress

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