Journey by Aaron Becker Picture Book Review

Journey by Aaron Becker - Picture Book Review by What My Kids Read

Journey is a new picture book I heard about late last year. It’s getting lots of buzz right now about possibly being a Caldecott winner. But the highest recommendation to me was when my friend, Ang, told me how much her family loved it and shared the book’s trailer with me.

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Here’s the trailer, if you’re curious:

So, naturally, after a recommendation and a trailer like that, we requested the book from the library, and it is really that good. Definitely on my to-buy list of books!

Journey by Aaron Becker - Picture Book Review by What My Kids Read

Aaron Becker’s Journey is a wordless picture book about a young girl who is lonely. She uses a marker and her imagination to go on a magical journey, and ends by finding a friend.

Journey by Aaron Becker - Picture Book Review by What My Kids Read

The illustrations are beautiful, and the story is very easy to follow. All of my kids have enjoyed this book (2-10 years old), but Brontë has really latched onto it. I think wordless books are very appealing to her right now because she really wants to read, but she can’t read quite yet.

Journey by Aaron Becker - Picture Book Review by What My Kids Read

Anyway, here is the story of Journey, as told by Brontë:

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  1. We may have this book again from the library right now :)

  2. Jennifer, I can’t tell you how happy it’s made me to come across this fantastic video! I’ve read this book aloud many times to children but never have I had the privilege of having someone read it to me! Tell Brontë thank you! She did a terrific job! And if she knows another language, as I’m guessing she does, it’d be really interesting to hear the differences in the story she tells.

    • Aaron, thank you so much for taking the time to comment! Brontë was very excited to hear that you enjoyed her video. Surprisingly, even though all of my children were born and raised in the South (ad only speak English), they all sound a little foreign – go figure! :) Thank you again for stopping by – we really have enjoyed your book!

      • mark Olmstead says:

        Bronte’, thank you very much for sharing this story with the olmstead family! we had 10 of us sitting listening listening with rapt attention to your description of what was happening in the book. thank you. love the olmsteads.

        • Uncle Mark,
          Brontë says thank you! She wanted to tell you that she really liked playing with toys at your house. :) Much love to you all!

  3. I love this, and as I watch it, I am reminded so much of Liam around this age. She is seriously so much like him. I miss all of my Reaves children :)

  4. This book was delivered today as well, your review convinced me to order it and I was not disappointed. A lovely, thoughtful story.

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