It’s A Little Book by Lane Smith Picture Book Review

I don’t usually review board books, but this one is really cute! It’s A Little Book has really captured Stella’s attention, and she is the star at this week’s video review.

Picture Book Review: It's a Little Book by Lane Smith

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I had read a really positive review of the picture book, It’s a Book, last year, but our library only carried the board book, It’s a Little Book, so that was what I checked out. As I was checking this book out of the library, the librarian told me that they had just discarded the picture book this board book is based on because it used the word “jackass.” Surprised by that, I didn’t expect to like this board book, but, like I said, we really do like it! So, please be aware that, although this board book is cute, the picture book might be offensive to your family.

Picture Book Review: It's a Little Book by Lane Smith

It’s a Little Book is about a baby donkey and baby gorilla talking about a book. The baby donkey asks what it is. He asks if it’s for chewing or emailing, etc. The gorilla stoically answers no to every question until the end when he says “It’s for reading… It’s a book, silly.”

Picture Book Review: It's a Little Book by Lane Smith

Stella has enjoyed this book so much, she was “reading” it back to us, and I thought it would be fun to capture it on video. Here’s Stella to tell you all about It’s a Little Book:

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It’s a Little Book

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