Locomotive by Brain Floca Picture Book Review

Locomotive by Brian Floca was just announced as the 2014 Caldecott winner this week. I happened to have just checked it out from the library, and thought I would share our review of this picture book.

Locomotive by Brian Floca Picture Book Review by What My Kids Read

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First of all, the illustrations are lovely. You can imagine what life was like in the time when the railroads were new and exciting. To be honest, the text was a little long for my boys’ expectations of a picture book, but Paul really enjoyed Locomotive when I sat down and read it to him.

Locomotive by Brian Floca Picture Book Review by What My Kids Read

Locomotive is about the time right after the Transcontinental Railroad was built. It shows what traveling on a train was like, and how the trains were run. It has a detailed explanation of how a steam engine worked in the back of the book (Paul’s favorite part).

Locomotive by Brian Floca Picture Book Review by What My Kids Read

All in all, Locomotive is a lovely introduction to the history of the Transcontinental Railroad. Probably not one I’d reach for at bedtime, but I expect to see Paul poring over the illustrations again.

Locomotive by Brian Floca Picture Book Review by What My Kids Read

Here’s what Paul has to say about Locomotive. (Please note that he says the book is about a “famous train,” but he meant the famous railroad.)

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  1. I added about a dozen books to my Amazon wish list Monday after the awards were announced, mostly Caldecott, Newbery, and Prinz winners and honor books, and most of them are currently unavailable! (They sold out fast after the announcement!) I wasn’t familiar with this one but the illustrations are beautiful, can’t wait to get my hands on it. Thanks for this excellent preview!

    • Steve,
      You are welcome! I was glad that I had happened to request this one from the library last week, so I had it on hand after the announcement. There are several really good titles on the list this year. In fact, I’ll be reviewing the Newberry winner (Flora & Ulysses) for the next chapter book review too. Hope Amazon doesn’t keep you waiting too long! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Amazon warns me not to expect delivery of this book for another month! It’s on back order, so it must be very popular, very glad for the author that it’s selling so well, and I really can’t wait to get it!

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