Picture Book Wednesday: Kiki & Coco in Paris by Nina Gruener

What My Kids Read Picture Book Reviews Kiki and Coco in Paris

Kiki & Coco in Paris is about a girl who goes to Paris with her doll, Coco. They explore Paris together, but Kiki accidentally leaves Coco at a café, and there is a page or two before the doll and her girl are reunited.

Kid's Picture Book Reviews for Parents  Remember when I told you that my Mom and I have an obessesion with all things French? This is a book that you will love if you’re like us. :)

Children's Picture Book Reviews for Parents

It is a very sweet story. I must admit, it’s not the best picture book (it feels a little like someone’s photo book), but my girls LOVE it and I immediately wanted them both to have sweet and simple rag dolls like Coco (made by the very talented Jess Brown). Alas, I could not afford Jess Brown dolls! So, almost two years ago, I searched Etsy, and found some adorable substitutes. They look very French, don’t they? And they have been very well-loved.

Kid's Picture Book Reviews for Parents Brontë and Stella both love for me to substitute their names for Kiki, so I usually read the book like this: “Stella takes Coco to a special shop where dolls like her are made… When she is placed back in Brontë’s hands, Coco’s feet dangle just right….”

Children's Book Reviews for Parents

It’s a sweet book for girls who love dolls, which is why it’s such a hit at our house. I probably read this book at bedtime at least once a week.

What My Kids Read: Picture Book Review Kiki & Coco in Paris I’m not sure if any libraries would have Kiki and Coco in Paris, but you could probably request it from your local bookstore or you can order it on Amazon. If you want to order this book, or anything else on Amazon, please use our link here: Kiki and Coco in Paris It will not cost you any extra, but it helps us out a little. Thanks so much!

Does your child have a favorite bedtime book? What about a favorite source for sweet dolls and stuffed animals? I’d love to hear from you!


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