Pigaroons by Arthur Geisert

Pigaroons by Arthus Geisert We discovered Arthur Geisert years ago, when we stumbled across Pigs from A to Z (affiliate link) at a Friends of the Library book sale, and fell in love with his illustrations. It was only a matter of time before we found the same pigs we enjoyed in Pigaroons.

Paul Pigaroons

Pigaroons is the story of two rival groups of pigs who have an annual ice carving competition. The River Patrollers are the law-abiding families (with excellent ice carving abilities), and the Pigaroons are descendants of Spanish pirates. The Pigaroons steal the River Patroller’s ice block and carve the block into a statue of Hernando de Soto. It looks like they will win first prize for sure.

Pigaroons 1

The River Patrollers come up with a clever plan, and they use their wits to polish a piece of ice to use as a magnifying glass and melt the statue of Hernando de Soto. Then, they burn a giant portrait of Hernando de Soto into the snow.

Pigaroons 2

In the end, the River Patrollers win through their wits, and we all learn that cheaters do not prosper.

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