Review of Pieces of the Promise: Christmas Family Devotions

Review of Pieces of the Promise: Christmas Family Devotions for the Advent season I’ve been looking forward to telling you about Pieces of the Promise ever since our friends, Mark and Buffi Young, announced their new company! Pieces of the Promise: Christmas is an interactive family devotion that is quick and fun to do. It’s a puzzle with numbers on the backs of the pieces (which you could sort out into baggies the first time to streamline the rest of the nights), and each number corresponds with a short devotion.

The Christmas edition is all about Advent, going through the prophecies that point to Christ coming to earth. As you read the devotion, your kids (okay, I *might have* jumped in too – can’t resist a puzzle!) put together that night’s pieces and the picture that emerges illustrates that night’s Scripture reading.

There are 16 devotions, which I loved because we often have nights that get away from us during the Advent season and sometimes it’s stressful to feel like we have to catch up. I also liked that it was short enough that we could easily lead into a further discussion or more seasonal reading without feeling like overkill The discussion questions are simple and interesting enough to engage even young kids, but crafted to keep the attention of all ages on the real meaning of the season.

Review of Pieces of the Promise: Christmas Family Devotions for the Advent season The kids loved it! Liam and Paul, at ages 10 and 7, are at just the right ages for this size puzzle. Brontë, at age 4, managed to put in some pieces, but, truth be told, she had quite the time sneaking pieces away from the boys. She was the most curious about seeing the full picture, and she was also the child that made sure we remembered to “do the puzzle” every night. Stella, at age 2, just liked that everyone was doing something, and we had to keep an eye on her to make sure she didn’t eat the pieces or drop any. Some of the questions didn’t lead to much discussion, but other nights it did bring up interesting things to go over with our kids. The kids were sad when we were finished – which is high praise. :)


The only drawback we experienced was that it was difficult to leave the puzzle out on a table. Stella would come by to “arrange” the pieces or it would get bumped. Pieces of the Promise recommends having this Ravensburger Stow & Go – Puzzle Accessories (affiliate link), and we completely agree. Unless you have a designated spot away from little fingers, you will probably want something to keep the puzzle safe for the next night.


Bottom line: We all love Pieces of the Promise, and it will definitely be incorporated into our Advent celebrations for many years!

For more information and to order your own puzzle, click on their website here or come back tomorrow for a chance to win one in our Christmas giveaway this weekend!

Please note that I did receive this puzzle to review. I contacted Mark and Buffi to see if I could get the puzzle early enough to review it, and they sent me a copy, but I had planned to buy it anyway. My opinions are entirely my own.

Review of Pieces of the Promise: Christmas Family Devotions for the Advent season


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