Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran

What My Kids Read: Roxaboxen

Alice McLerran’s Roxaboxen is another treasure from my childhood. It’s about a town (called Roxaboxen) that a group of children create with rocks and boxes behind their neighborhood.

What My Kids Read: Roxaboxen

The best part about this book to me is that it is a true story. Alice McLerran’s mother was one of the children that played in the real Roxaboxen.

What My Kids Read: Roxaboxen

Roxaboxen inspired many hours of creative play in the fields and woods behind our house growing up.

What My Kids Read: Roxaboxen

I recently found a copy of this book for our family, and Brontë has been asking if she could make a town like Roxaboxen.

What My Kids Read: Roxaboxen

Looks like the tradition of Roxaboxen will continue.


Interested in picking up your own copy of Roxaboxen? If you buy it through our link, it will not cost you any extra, but it will help us out.
Roxaboxen Thanks a bunch!



  1. Aww! That really is a great book, and brings back lots of wonderful memories! I need to get this book for Viggo!

  2. It’s a keeper. I’m surprised you don’t have that one, Mimi. It makes me think of you the most. :)

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