The Kindling Of A Flame

Socrates said “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” This is a concept that I have been talking about with several people over the past few weeks, discussing why we homeschool, and what we hope to accomplish in educating our kids. Then, I found this free printable of Socrates’ quote on Cottage Thoughts a week ago. I just love it, and had to share!

It sums up so perfectly our philosophy of education, and why we are even blogging at What My Kids Read – because we want to kindle a flame in our kids to love learning through reading.

Cottage Thoughts Free PrintableClick on the image (or this link to Cottage Thoughts) to print out this perfect quote!

This week on Facebook, a friend posted a magazine article from The Old Schoolhouse that addresses this point as well. It’s called “Freedom From the Law of the Booklist” by Missy Andrews. In the article, she challenges the idea of the perfect list of book for an educated child. She writes that, after reading Richard Mitchell’s The Gift of Fire, she realized:

“Education is not a booklist! Education, from the Latin root educere, “to lead out,” is the process by which a mind is led out of the narrow confines of itself. In the process, the student sees himself, knows himself, and comes to terms with his creaturehood. Obviously, by this definition education is a lifelong process, and yet that initial awakening and knowing can happen with only one book.”

If you’re interested, you can read whole article here. I am now hoping to read Mitchell’s The Gift of Fire myself (affiliate link), and I’ll definitely share my thoughts with you once I finish it!

What are your thoughts about education? Do you agree with the article? How does your family choose to educate your children?

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