Wandlung by M. Landers Picture Book Review

Wandlung by M. Landers - Picture Book Review by What My Kids Read

Wandlung is a new book this year, written by a friend of ours, M. Landers. (You can check out his blog here and read more about his process of writing the book here.) This is the first book by this author, but I expect to see more in the years to come. :)

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Wandlung by M. Landers - Picture Book Review by What My Kids Read

Inspired by Franz Kafka’s novella, The Metamorphosis, Wandlung: A Child-Size Tragedy with Many Redeeming Qualities. is about a boy, Teddy, who finds that his friend, Frankie, has become a giant bug. Teddy and Frankie go out for a walk, and a flock of ducks attack Frankie, breaking off one of his antennae. Teddy defends Frankie, and the friends hop on a train to escape.

Wandlung by M. Landers - Picture Book Review by What My Kids Read

They discover they are on a circus train, and decide to join the circus. It’s clear that Frankie feels much more comfortable as a bug in a circus show than Teddy does as a human boy. Teddy sticks around for a while, but finally says goodbye to Frankie and goes back home where his parents are happy to see him again.

Wandlung by M. Landers - Picture Book Review by What My Kids Read

The premise of Wandlung was a little off-putting to me, but the narrative kept me interested and engaged. Although this is not likely to become one of my personal favorite picture books, the kids really enjoyed this book, and David liked it. Honestly, the fact that David read it all the way through and liked it is very impressive. He is picky about what he reads, and he enjoyed this book, so that’s high praise. :)

Wandlung by M. Landers - Picture Book Review by What My Kids Read

This is a very fanciful tale, and it reads like a story a child might tell you (the illustrations reflect that feeling as well). I think that is why all my kids enjoyed the book. Paul was very curious why Frankie turned into a bug and he wished that had been addressed in the book. It’s worthwhile to note that Frankie’s father seems to not care about his son. I know it’s that way in Kafka’s work, but in a child’s book, it felt a little harsh. None of my kids seemed to notice or care, though. Also, if you have any objections to smoking, Frankie’s father is smoking a cigar in the two illustrations he is in. All in all, it’s been a popular book in our home since it arrived last week.
Here are Liam’s thoughts on Wandlung:

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Wandlung: A Child-Size Tragedy with Many Redeeming Qualities.

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  1. mlandersauthor says:

    Thanks so much for this great review!
    I’m really glad to hear about the various aspects you guys loved and the parts that each of you struggled with! I’m so glad everyone enjoyed the illustrations!

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