Why Worry? by Eric Kimmel Picture Book Review

Eric Kimmel’s Why Worry? was one of David’s favorite picture books as a child. I had never heard of it until Liam was born, and his parents gave us David’s copy to read to our kids. It has become a favorite with our kids. Why Worry? appears to be out of print now, but there are some used copies on Amazon.

Picture Book Review of Why Worry by Eric Kimmel

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Picture Book Review of Why Worry by Eric Kimmel

Why Worry? is about a cricket that always worries and a grasshopper who never worries. They are neighbors, and Grasshopper invites Cricket over for a cup of tea. Cricket worries about leaving his house, but Grasshopper convinces him to come out.

Picture Book Review of Why Worry by Eric Kimmel

As soon as Cricket leaves his home, Cricket and Grasshopper are swept off in a series of events that could be viewed as catastrophes or as adventures, depending on your point of view. A crow grabs them, but they escape and fall into a pond.

Picture Book Review of Why Worry by Eric Kimmel

They are swallowed by a fish, the fish is caught, and the fisherman puts the friends into a jar. The friends are put into a plastic bag, which is attached to a kite. The kite string breaks, and the friends fly with the wind until they land at the top of a tree, which turns out to be the tree where Grasshopper lives. And then they have their tea. :)

Picture Book Review of Why Worry by Eric Kimmel

David’s favorite part of this book is the illustrations. Elizabeth Cannon does a great job of capturing the emotions of the moment. Despite the fact that the main characters are insects without facial features.

Picture Book Review of Why Worry by Eric Kimmel

I love the moral of this story! So often, I am like Cricket, worrying all the way through amazing experiences instead of trusting that things will turn out fine. Grasshopper even teaches Cricket to sing when they have just been eaten by a fish! Remembering to sing in the midst of uncomfortable situations is something that I really want my kids to learn. Some parents might like to know that the grasshopper calls the crow a “stupid, horrible bird” and Cricket calls himself a “fool” at one point in the story.

Here’s what Brontë has to say about Why Worry?:

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Why Worry?

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  1. I always feel so old when someone praises a book they enjoyed as a child and it’s one that came out after I started teaching! :)

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